Speaking Engagements and Publications

Speaking Engagements

Mr. Murphy is a frequent speaker on corporate and securities law matters for the ABA, CEB, Practicing Law Institute, Law Journal Seminars and The State Bar of California.  His speaking engagements have included:

  • ABA, Spring Meeting, Los Angeles “Why So Complicated? Stream Lining Lower Middle Market Deal-Making” (2014)
  • ABA, Federal Regulation of Securities Committee Fall Meeting, Washington, D.C. “Smaller Reporting Companies Disclosure & Reporting Practices Following the 2007 Reforms” (2010)
  • ABA, Annual Meeting, San Francisco, “Advising Growth Stage Companies” (2010)
  • ABA, Annual Meeting, New York, “SPAC Offerings, Reverse Mergers & PIPE Financings” (2008)
  • ABA, Spring Meeting, Washington, D.C., “The Partial Liquidity Event – Ethical, Structural and Business Considerations” (2007)
  • CEB, “Financing California Businesses” (2007)
  • L.A. County Bar Association, 36th, 37th and 40th Annual Securities Regulation Seminar, “Corporation Finance Update” (2003, 2004, 2007)
  • CEB, “Representing New and Early Stage Companies” (2006)
  • ABA, Spring Meeting, Tampa Bay, “The Other Player – The Role of the Investment Banker in Business Transactions” (2006)
  • CEB, “Protecting Corporate Officers and Directors in a Post Sarbanes-Oxley World” (2004)
  • CEB, “Representing Early Stage Companies” (2004)
  • ABA, Spring Meeting, Seattle, “Getting the Money – Funding Early Stage Companies” (2004)
  • CEB, “Financing California Businesses in a Changing and Challenging Market” (2003)
  • CEB, “Advising Corporate Officers and Directors in a Post-Enron Environment” (2002)
  • CEB, “Protecting Corporate Officers and Directors from Liability” (1998, 2000)
  • Law Journal Seminars, “Counseling Start‑Up and Emerging Companies” (1998)
  • CEB, “Financing the California Business” (1993, 1996)
  • Bay Area General Counsel Group, “Recent Securities Law Developments” (1996)
  • CEB, “Organizing and Advising Partnerships and Joint Ventures” (1991-1993)
  • The State Bar of California Business Law Section 7th-14th Annual Spring Programs (1985-1992)
  • CEB, “Negotiating the Sale of a Business” (1991)
  • PLI, “Current Developments in Private Financings” (1990-1992)
  • National Society of Compliance Professionals, “Regulation of Investment Advisors and Money Managers” (1991)

Publications and Articles

Mr. Murphy has written numerous articles on business law issues and is a regular contributor to business and legal publications. His publications and articles have included:

  • “Dodd-Frank Act and Its Impact on Investment Advisers” San Francisco Recorder (2011)
  • “Current Issues and Developments: SEC Division of Corporation Finance” L.A. County Bar Association, 36th Annual Securities Seminar Program Handbook (2003, 2004 and 2007)
  • “Advising Corporate Officers and Directors in a Post-Enron Environment” California Continuing Education of the Bar Program Handbook (2002)
  • “Private Placement of Stock,” Counseling Start‑Up and Emerging Companies, Law Journal Seminars, 77 (1998)
  • “Selected Developments in California Corporations Law and Federal Securities Law,” Annual Review of Recent Developments and Legislation of Interest to California Business Lawyers (1989-96)
  • “Amendments to Section 16 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934,” Volume 13, Business Law News, 9 (1991)
  • “Section 4(2) and Regulation D Offerings,” Volume 681, (PLI) Private Placements 1990, Current Developments in Private Financings, 69 (1990)
  • “Legal Considerations When Forming a Limited Partnership Under the California Revised Limited Partnership Act (CRLPA),” (CEB) Organizing and Advising California Partnerships, 89 (1989)
  • “Private Placements – Federal and California Securities Law Considerations,” Volume 10, Counseling the California Business:  Liability, Financing and Transactional Considerations, 132 (1988)
  • “Private Placements – Federal and State Securities Law Considerations,” Volume 9, Financing Techniques for Small and Emerging Businesses, 1 (1987)
  • “Current Securities Law Developments and Their Impact on Real Estate Syndication,” Volume 6, The Real Estate Securities Journal, Number 2 (1985)
  • “Installment Sales of Limited Partnership Interests in Public Programs,” Volume I, Real Estate Finance Law Journal, 68 (1985)
  • “Regulation D – Financial Disclosure and Related Considerations in Non-Public Offerings of Real Estate Limited Partnerships,” Volume 4, The Real Estate Securities Journal, Number 3 (1983)
  • “Negotiating the Terms of the Letter of Intent for a Public Offering,” Volume III, California Business Law Reporter, 69 (1981)
  • “Going Public – An Overview,” Going Public, UCLABusinessSchool, 124 (1981)
  • “Who is an Officer under Section 16(b) – Who Knows?,” Volume 12, San Diego Law Review, 378 (1975)

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